Academic Positions

  • Present 2021

    Chief Technology Officer

    Region 16 Education Service Center

  • 2021 2017

    Chief Technology Officer

    Canyon ISD

  • 2016 2015

    Director of Technology

    Dumas ISD

    Adjunct Professor

    Amarillo College, Computer Science Department

  • 2015 2009

    Technology Coordinator

    Clarendon CISD

Education & Training

  • M.Ed. 2015

    M.Ed In Instructional Design and Technology

    West Texas A&M University

  • B.B.A2009

    Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)

    West Texas A&M University

Honors, Awards and Certifications

  • 2019/2020
    DIR Certified Training
    Built a training program for Information Security Awareness. The state of Texas requires all state and local govenerment staff to complete a training program. I built a program and was the first school district in the state of texas to be certified by the DIR.
  • 2018
    Google Educator Level 1
    Google For demonstrating the fundamental knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to implement Google for Education tools.
  • 2018
    Google Reference District
    Google recognizes School Districts with innovative programs that are enhancing educational outcomes using their products.
    News Channel 10
    Reference District Home Page
  • 2015
    Who's Who Among College: Academic Achievement Award
    Along with maintaining a 4.0 in my graduate program I was also involved in several extra-curricular activities including :
    • ESL education in Thailand and China
    • Outreach in Ethiopia
    • Prison Ministry
    • Technology Grant writing for small schools
  • 2015
    Kapa Delta Pi: International Honor Society Member
    Awarded for outstanding academic achievement
  • 2014
    CGE: Certified Google Educator

    Became a Certified Google Educator. In the past 8 years I have converted 2 school districts to GSuite for Education.

    I am passionate about how students can use Google products to enhance their learning and am convinced that implementing GSuite in schools is a key part to any 21st century learning initiative.

  • 2010
    ACMT: Apple Certified Macbook Technition
    Obtained ACMT (Mac Version of A+). I was required to maintain this certification every year, but the last time I certified they changed it to a lifetime certification.
  • 2004
    Certificate of Ordination: The Gospel Ministry
    Obtained my certificate of ordination for "Gospel Ministry" through First Baptist Church / Keeler Baptist Church in Borger Texas.
  • 2003
    Certificate of License 2003: The Gospel Ministry
    Obtained my certificate of license for "Gospel Ministry" through Keeler Baptist Church in Borger Texas.

Current Projects

  • image

    Infosec Training

    Texas DIR certified training program

    Built an LMS system for training state and local governments in compliance with House Bill 3834 requiring all state and local government employees to complete Information Security Awareness Training.

  • image

    iCreate Event 2018,19,20

    District wide fair for makers

    Canyon ISD will be holding a district wide event we are calling iCreate. This event will feature students, staff, and community and business partners showcasing projects and interactive activities.

  • image


    Student led help desk program

    Was a key contributor and facilitator forthe Canyon ISD iConnect program. This program empowers students to lead the campus technology initiative by providing user support, computer repair, and professional development for staff and students.

Past Projects

  • image

    Fiber Project

    Planning District-Wide

    Started Planning District Wide Fiber construction in Canyon ISD

  • image

    Google Reference District

    instrumental in the process of Canyon ISD becoming a Google Reference District

  • image

    Server UCS Project

    Convert from traditional IBM Server cluster to USC and NetApp

    See Storage Review Story HERE image

  • image

    CISD Code Breaker

    Code Breaking challenge on Randal and Canyon HS campus

    Designed and implemented a Code Breaking challenge at our two high schools. Students completed a series of challenges in sequence in order to win


  • image

    CISD E-Flyers

    Mass E-Flyer Distribution

    Provideds a high level of communication and cost savings for the School district by providing both web-based and email-based flyer distribution.


  • image

    iPad 1:1

    Technology lending Program at Clarendon

    Recieved technology lending grant for $50,000.00 and implemented an iPad 1:1 lending program at Clarendon CISD Elementary.


  • image

    2012 Painting

    Learned to paint

    Being a technology minded person, I tend to work most often in the “left brain”, however I have always enjoyed art and decided in 2012 I would start learning to paint.

    My first painting


    Traveling Canvus with my Sisters


    Painting on an old laptop screen


    Paintinig from my trip to Thailand


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I'm Currently Reading

The 80/20 Principal
-Richard Koch
11th Hour CISSP
-Eric Conrad

Previous Reads

Never Split the Difference
-Chris Voss
The Innovators Mindset
-George Couros
Good to Great
-Jim Collins

Canyon Administration Building

You can find me at my office located at the Canyon ISD Administration Building in Canyon Texas

I am at my office every day from 7:30 until 5:00 pm, but you may consider a call to fix an appointment as I often travel around the district.

If your business does not concern Canyon ISD, please contact me via email, one weekends or after normal business hours